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Invisible Heating

If you do not want to see radiators you can opt for hidden heating:

* Electric underfloor heating

* Wet underfloor heating (powered from your boiler)

* Skirt heating

Tara Heating are experienced installers of all these heating systems, unlike most other heating engineers. Hidden heating has disadvantages as well as more obvious positive aspects: we have no vested interest in any heating method so will not try to sell you any one particular system.

Read on if you would like to know more about discreet heating systems.

Skirting Board Heating

Skirting board heating is not new, skirt heating has been available in the UK for more than a decade and there is more than one system available.

If you would like to know more, the two manufacturers of skirt heating systems are:

* Heat Profile (new window: http://www.heatprofile.co.uk/

* Discrete Heat (new window: http://www.discreteheat.co.uk/

Underfloor Heating

Wet underfloor heating involves embedding pipes under the floor and pumping warm water from your boiler around them. It is like having your radiator under the floor.

Underfloor Electric Heating

Underfloor electric heating is easy to install in one room when it is being renovated and we frequently fit it in bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic, marble or stone tiled floors feel lovely and cold on the hottest summer days but are very frosty on the feet on cold winter mornings. Underfloor electric heating comes with all the settings you would expect: timer and thermostatic temperature control.

This film is made by WarmUp one of the main manufacturers of electric UFH

Warm Air Heating Systems

Heating systems which circulate warm air are rarely first choice in the UK, whereas it is the standard way of heating homes in the US.

In some situations a warm air system might be ideal. The main UK manufacturer is Johnson & Starley.


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