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F.A.Q.s about new boilers

See our frequently asked questions or just contact us for a quote.

1. How much will a new boiler cost?

There are so many factors to consider that we are reluctant to give a quote without viewing your home. We have to make sure any installation complies with current gas safety standards and building regulations. These have probably changed since your last boiler was installed.

Typically replacing any old boiler with a similar condensing, high efficiency boiler is usually between £2,000 and £3,000. It can cost more and it can cost a lot less - so you see a quote without seeing the job is not possible. The quotation we give you will include the cost of all parts and labour and we will give you an idea of how many days the work will take.

2. How long will it take to install new central heating?

Between 1 to 3 days for a replacement boiler is usual. 3 to 5 days is typical for an entire heating system. We will tell you when we give the quote.

3. How long will a boiler last?

Typically you can expect to replace your gas central heating boiler when it is between 12 and 15 years old. Sometimes a lot sooner, especially if it has not been well maintained. Older boilers may still be working but will be considerably less efficient than a modern boiler, which means older boilers are a lot more expensive to run. When an old boiler breaks down spare parts might not be available.

4. I have an old boiler do I have to replace it with a Combi Boiler?


Combi (combination) boilers are perfect for small homes, couples and single people. It is NOT compulsory to have a combi and they are not suitable for all homes. If you have low mains water pressure, a large family or lots of bathrooms then there are different systems which may be better for you. Most new boilers installed these days are combination boilers, they give instant hot water as well as providing heat to the radiators.

5. Do I have to have a Condensing Boiler?

Yes, almost all new boilers must be condensing. They can be a condensing combi, a condensing system or a condensing traditional heat only boiler. Condensing is an additional feature which makes them more efficient, so more of the gas is burnt and used to heat your home. Condensing boilers will convert 90% or more of the gas into heat whereas an old boiler may have used 80% or less.

6. What is a HE boiler?

A High Efficiency Boiler. These are condensing boilers, described as HE because less gas is wasted. For every £100 you spend on gas using an old boiler £20 or £30 or more will not be used. In a HE boiler £90 out of £100 will be converted to heat.

7. What type of boilers do you install?

We fit combis, traditional regular boilers and system boilers. We fit high efficiency, condensing boilers made by well established manufacturers; well known brands with a good track record and reputation for quality. Including:

* Worcester Bosch, new open links in new window http://www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/homeowner

* Baxi, http://www.baxi.co.uk/

* Potterton, http://www.potterton.co.uk/

* Vaillant, http://www.vaillant.co.uk/

* Keston, http://www.keston.co.uk/

* Ideal Heating. http://www.idealheating.com/

8. What guarantee comes with a new boiler?

A manufacturers’ warranty covering parts and labour for 5 years or more is becoming increasingly common, but 2 years is standard. Terms & conditions apply, of course! You are usually required to have the boiler serviced annually, we can do that for you at a favourable rate.

9 How to choose a heating engineer?

Get 2 or 3 quotes from gas safe registered installers and choose the most professional not necessarily the cheapest. Find GSR engineers at the Gas Safe Register website.



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