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Power Flushing in Kent

We offer power flushing using Kamco technology.

What is Power Flushing?

Power Flushing is a method of internally cleaning your central heating system using specialist equipment and chemicals. Tara will usually add an inhibitor as the final process of power flushing, to slow down further corrosion.

Power Flushing is not a panacea to cure all problems and it is time consuming. Customers can be surprised, it can seem quite expensive for a fairly simple operation which might not resolve your heating problems.

It would be best to discuss your problems with us to decide whether power flushing could be part of the solution.

When Does a System Need Power Flushing?

To address the symptoms of corrosion:

1. One or more radiators are completely or partially cold

2. The radiators require frequent bleeding of collected air

3. The boiler clunks and bangs, especially at start up

4. Central heating header is warm or hot

5. Central heating pump fails

6. Black water from radiators when emptied or bleed of air

7. Old age, 10 years or older there may be a build up of corrosion.

Power Flush Before a New Boiler is Fitted

Your existing heating MUST be flushed through to make sure it is not full of debris which could damage your new boiler but it does NOT have to be a power flush. Our heating engineers will judge and advise on the best course of action.

For more Information you may want to look at the boiler servicing and maintenance tab on this site and watch the video clips on that page.


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