Tara Heating


New Central Heating System

Tara Heating design heating systems and supply all the parts. The heating system will:

  • be easy to use
  • allow you to have different temperatures in different parts of the house
  • have just hot water when the heating is off
  • have a timer so it can come on and go off automatically
  • meet all safety & efficiency standards

You will have Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) on some of your radiators, this enables you to control the heating in individual rooms.

TRVs will not be put on every radiator. You can discuss where these should be located.

We install quality boilers of well known (long established) brands including Worcester, Ideal, Baxi and Potterton. Warranties of 5 or 7 years are typical for new boilers.

Common Misconceptions about New Central Heating

Contrary to myth, the boiler does:

* Not have to be in your kitchen

* Not have to be on an outside wall, it could even be in your loft, garage or conservatory.

* Not have to be a combi boiler, even though they are very good.


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